Penni Berticevich

Penni Berticevich

Executive Assistant to David Zaria

The consummate team player, Penni Berticevich has always had a natural gift for playing a supporting role. Newly minted as an Executive Assistant to The Velasco Zaria Group, the Sacramento native brought her high-touch organizational skills to the team in early 2021. Bolstered by a diverse background, Penni’s previous roles in management, marketing, graphic design, administrative support, customer service, and hospitality have catapulted her into the upper echelon of executive assistant territory.

Nowadays, you’ll find the multi-faceted assistant lending her diverse skillset to a seemingly endless list of day-to-day tasks. Whether generating leads, crafting marketing presentations, providing transactional support, or simply orchestrating vendors, Penni brings the same unyielding enthusiasm that has made her an irreplaceable asset to clients and colleagues alike. 

A self-confessed perfectionist who has organization down to an artform, the seasoned assistant possesses a poise all her own. Honest, hardworking, and deeply committed to the clients in her care, she prides herself on operating authentically and prioritizing transparency. She’s mastered the art of connecting with people and it shows in the long-lasting relationships she judiciously fosters. 

When Penni isn’t hustling to make her clients’ homeownership goals a reality, she stays active by working out, hiking and spending time with her family and two Labradoodles. Deeply rooted to her local community, this all-star assistant is equipped with valuable insights and endless connections to help you put down roots in the neighborhood of your dreams.

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